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We need to do all we can to help the various wildlife visiting our gardens. The book is full of wildlife-friendly plants.

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Maintain a beautiful garden all year… It’s easy with ‘The Easy-care Garden’

So, let’s be honest here… Many gardening celebrities and well-known gardening authors have failed to recognise  around 50% of UK homeowners, possibly like you, want a nice garden, without spending hours gardening. Many gardening books delve too deeply, overwhelming beginners, whilst other authors assume you have all the time in the world when it comes to gardening. Yes, gardening books have become a little stagnant, it’s about time for a change – right?

‘The Easy-care Garden’ book is different, it is a fascinating new approach to gardening by the author Scott J Millin. Written to entertain, with a feverishly good passion enthused and inspiring style of writing, it’s easy to read, easy to follow and… Well, everything about this book is just easy-care, it really is like a breath of fresh air that anybody can pick up and relate too. There really is no other gardening book like this one!

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What is easy-care gardening?

Easy-care gardening is a new and exciting way to look at your garden. It involves using easy, time-saving techniques combined with the right easy-care plant choices to get the best out of your garden.

If your garden is a blank canvas (just a lawn), then you have a great opportunity of starting from scratch. If you have an established garden, there’s plenty of things you can still do to reduce the workload. Just apply as many of the principles described in the book as you can to your garden.

People who bought the book said…

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what some of the readers say:


I received my copy very promptly and it’s a great help for planning and maintaining your garden. The book is well designed and full of useful information on selection and planting, including what’s great for wildlife. Definitely well worth the purchase price!

Steve Jeans-Lawa

I bought this book for my husband for Christmas! We have newly started a gardening business and I can assure you this book has already been well thumbed! It’s very informative and easily understandable! It’s been extremely useful and helpful to us! We’ve learned a lot from it and continuously turn to it! I’m hoping there will be a second edition in the pipeline! Thank you 5*****

Sarah Gray

I am reading this book from cover to cover – it is great. For me, it dispels all the mysteries of gardening and has loads of great suggestions – all well explained and very achievable. Above all, I now believe that at long last I will be able to create a beautiful garden. Thank you so much Scott!

Shelagh Davies

I have dozens of gardening books but rarely even turn a page as they never really seem relevant to anything I’m experiencing. I bought this one and what a revelation – the ideas are perfectly suited to my garden and I have no doubt it will be my ‘Go to’ guide!

Anna Altana

So, who is easy-care gardening for?

Well, to be honest, if you are still reading this, then people like you, who really want a lovely garden, but know little to nothing about gardening, or have no time or desire to spend hours gardening. I have even come to realise that some of you don’t even like gardening and that is fine too. You don’t have to like gardening to have a nice garden just the determination and ‘The Easy-care Garden’ book will do.

Four reasons to buy ‘The Easy-care Garden’ book


Simple ‘back to basics’ to get the best out of your garden.


Spend less time gardening using these time saving techniques,


Perfect for anyone who wants to sImplify things.


Don’t like gardening? Then get the job done quicker.

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