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the easy-care garden book

For gardeners.
And non-gardeners.

Whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been gardening for a while, you will find plenty of help in The Easy-care Garden book. From explaining basic gardening principles to smart approaches and timesaving techniques, you might not want to put this book down.

You won't be stuck for ideas

Colour pages​

every page a joy to turn

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Colour photos​

inspiring original photograhy

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easy-care plants

your spoilt for choice

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Just the right amount of content

With every word, every photograph and every page professionally designed and typeset by the author; it’s no wonder people are talking about this passion enfused book.

Never before has gardening been so stripped back, and made very easy; this book is a breath of fresh air.

About the author

Scott J Millin is the author of The Easy-care Garden book, and gardening has been in his blood from an early age. Scott realised that not everyone has the time to spend gardening, and when you do find the time, it can be quite overwhelming; if you don’t know where to start. Unlike many celebrity gardeners, Scott understood that 50% of homeowners with a garden did not want to be a slave to the garden. Yes, they wanted to have a nice garden, but also one that was easy to maintain and looked good all year.