The garden boardwalk

The garden boardwalk

Creating a raised rustic walkway into the garden lures you irresistibly in.

by Scott J Millin


The boardwalk leads from the back door over the patio and into the garden. It is a simple construction made from pallets and edged with log rolling. Once it has weathered, it takes on a rustic and appealing look that invites you to walk down it and into the garden. It is also a great way to recycle old pallets whilst doing my bit for the environment in the process.

In the last couple of years, I decided to edge the boardwalk with plants that attract pollinators. This summer, I wanted a little more height to bring the insects closer. To that end, I decided upon cosmos for their long-lasting big blooms, followed by dahlias for late summer colour.

Cosmos edged boardwalk lead you into the gardenCosmos edged boardwalk lead you into the garden

Because the plants are a temporary feature, I decided to leave them in their containers rather than transplant them. It was a good decision and worked well. Cosmos respond well to being grown hard and, they are tough plants. I also left the dahlias in their containers in the hope to retain the tubers once they had finished. With a bit of luck, they may grow back next year if stored in a dry, frost-free location.

Dahlias add late summer colour to the boardwalkDahlias add late summer colour to the boardwalk

It was just magical to walk along, seeing the various species of bee and hoverfly going about their busy day. Even the hornet mimic hoverfly put in an appearance, it is the UK’s biggest hoverfly and harmless. What an impressive insect. I even found a frog sheltering at the base of the cosmos.

Hornet mimic hoverflyHornet mimic hoverfly

Every morning when I pulled back the curtains, I found instant enjoyment, and this really boosted my well-being, especially within the Covid lockdown. I found myself stopping and noticing all the visitors to the flowers. The foliage and pastel colours brought a sense of calmness on a balmy summer evening whilst sitting out on the patio.

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